July 29th, 2015

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Any Chicagoans on here? I just booked a trip for the end of the summer with my best friend! Trying to do some research on public transport, places to go, etc. We are going for a festival so our days are mostly full except for a few hours on the last day. Evenings we will probably be looking to check out some pubs etc. Our hotel is downtown.


How do you cope with friend or loved one who regularly (not TOO often, but often enough) makes comments that make your skin crawl and that you consider offensive/harmful? Do your coping methods change if it's someone who also often seems to "get it" versus, say, your racist old Nana? Do you think it's possible to change someone's mind in this kind of situation?

Related to this, do you have any stories about people who started out ignorant or even bigoted in some respect but then changed their mind? What do you think changed their mind? (Or changed your mind, if that's the case?)