July 21st, 2015


dog hair removal

There's a couch that the family dog used to lay on that is covered in hair. Said family dog has been dead for more than a year, and the couch has seen little use since then, but I've decided to be ambitious and clean it up, since it is a fairly nice couch that could see some more use in the future.

Lint rollers do very little. I would appreciate any other suggestions to remove these layers of dog hair.

Any ideas?

The Mall Raises Many Questions

1)Of course you never would, but what was the last thing you looked at and thought, "I could totally steal that"? (Not necessarily "and not get caught.")

There was this empty bus that the driver left running and just walked away from into the back of a building. It was pretty obvious how to get the door open and there was no one around.

2)What was your last purchase that you got instead of the thing you were actually looking for? What were you originally planning to get?

I bought a plushy No-Face today. I was looking for a new wallet.
[This guy]