July 17th, 2015

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Hey tqc! Would you like to help me name my parents' puppies?

Stan is the dad...Winifred aka Chubbles is the mom...Steve is the uncle...(all are mini daschunds) and we have a Sophie too (she's an Aussie shepherd mix)...

There are 5 black and tan and 2 red...the only female is a black and tan. They want to go with matching names..but I'm drawing a blank.


wrestle o matic

Who would win in a steel cage wrestleomatic death match?

Donald Trump
Jeb Bush
Scott Walker
JJ Walker
Walker Texas Ranger
Bobby Jindl
Mr Bojangles
Renaldus Magnus
Ted Cruz
Tom Cruise
Mike Huckabee
Be my huckleberry
George Pataki
Rand Paul
Paul,John,George and Ringo
lantair look

Too Good To Be Popular

Are there any singers or music groups that you follow who may have had one hit, but they haven't seen the charts (in your country) in years?

Mind sharing? Always looking for new sounds!

I continue to listen to Nena (of 99 Red Balloons fame) and Peter Schilling (Major Tom) as well as Sister Hazel (All for You and one or two others from the 90's).

Edit: Thank you to everyone who responded (and anyone who may still chime in)! Now I just need to have the time to go through them all.

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Random efficiency question--
I recently got a job doing prep work in a restaurant.  Since it's 99% seafood I work a lot with raw shellfish mostly, cleaning and portioning it.
I'm curious if anyone knows what is more efficient when you're working with a single product but there are many steps. For example we have to take scallops and take off the muscle (a little tough bit on the side of each scallop) and then portion them into 8 oz. and put each 8 oz. portion into bags.
What would be faster, taking the muscles off all the scallops, then portioning and bagging them all, or taking the muscles off each one, and making each portion as you go? (like clean a scallop and put it on the scale until you have 8 oz. and then bag it)
Also, would you rather use your own method of doing things, that being faster because you know how to do it that way, or learn a new method, which might be slower for a while because it's new, but could be faster once you figure it out?
I'm sorry if these are dumb questions, I just want to do what's best.