July 16th, 2015

Grumpy Angel

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Hi guys,

Several unrelated questions for you:

1) Do you have a go-to risotto recipe? I have a bunch of chicken broth I need to use, so I thought it was high time I learned to make risotto. If you have one, will you share it with me, please?

2) What do you think the 'ultimate goal' of parenting is?

3) I'm using a trial of You Need a Budget right now. So far, it seems pretty good. Have any of you tried it out? What are your thoughts? (I know I could look up reviews, but I'm curious for the opinions of people that I'm slightly more confident are actually, you know, people, and not bots).
city walls

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Where do you do your online car shopping?

dk/dc: if you have young kids, how old are they, and do they still nap? what time of day, how long, and how regular of a thing is it? if you do not have kids, do you nap? what time of day, how long, and how regular of a thing is it?

passive aggressive coworkers

How do you deal with passive aggressive people/coworkers?

Do you have any stories of passive aggressive people at work?

What would you do if every time you said hi to a co-worker they ignored you/walked right past you and acted like you don't exist to the point of standing with their back to you while you are doing shift change (like passing on important client info like nurses do)?

^that one is happening to me and my boss's direction was "well if you have to give shift change to a brick wall then give shift change to a brick wall" (wtf!)
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a pants situation

I am currently having a slight situation with a flatmate, a guy and a pair of trousers.
A, my flatmate, is sleeping with a guy.  A few days ago, he came round and (I don't quite understand this part myself) left his trousers/pants on her bed.  She is working in her home town over the summer, so is currently based there rather than in our student house.  She comes back to spend the odd weekend.  However, as I am based here over the summer, she has been messaging me persistently asking when I'll be around in order for him to come and collect them.

Firstly, I don't feel comfortable with this guy coming round as I'm living alone and don't know him that well.  Secondly, I feel slightly resentful and that she is overstepping her boundaries in asking me to hang around waiting for him to turn up.  I mean, it's not my problem he left his trousers there.   Why can't he just wait until she's back to collect them?

How would you respond in this situation? I am torn between

A) lie to her that I won't be around to give them to him

B) tell her the truth that I feel uncomfortable with him coming round, it isn't my problem and he'll have to wait until she gets back