July 13th, 2015

french kitty

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Do you use the Duolingo app?  If so, what language(s) are you learning and how's it going?

If you work as a graphic designer, what would you recommend to someone who wants to see what it's about?  Classes? Books?  Videos?

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I'm taking a Wilton cake decorating class and tomorrow I need to bring in a two layer cake. What should my cake, filling, and frosting combination be? I did chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing last week so something different would be nice. I was thinking for banana for the cake but our bananas are nowhere near ripe enough for that.

Freaky NSA bullshittery

Let me preface this by saying I am probably about to sound like a weirdo but I promise I am not on any mind-altering substances and other people saw this go down.

I uploaded a photo to FB a few minutes ago, it was a screenshot of a call log from my phone. I sent it to my computer, blurred the numbers with the pixilate filter in photoshop CC and then uploaded it to a FB group.

About 2-3 minutes after uploading the numbers became visible.

I deleted, thinking I had uploaded the wrong photo (impossible, I blurred the original photo...not a copy) and reuploaded.

Same shit again.


When is the last time you were bested by technology?