July 12th, 2015

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Vocal equivalent of "resting bitchface?" Mean voice?

Is there a vocal equivalent of people with "resting bitchface", as it were? The only thing I could find was sarcastic voice, but that's not quite what I have in mind. I'm more thinking of people who talk with so much emphasis they sound angry all the time, even though they're not trying to be, it's JUST how they SPEAK. For example, there was a teacher at my old high school I always assumed was mean, but a friend of mine who hated school (ergo, normally hated teachers) went on about how much she loved her. I finally had the teacher and learned that was JUST HOW she would TALK to PEOPLE. She'd be telling a joke, laughing, and still sound like she was annoyed or angry. She was actually a very nice person.

I mean, I do think there's also a lot of people who actually are mean, and just try passing off as being nicer than they seem/misunderstood, too. I'm not talking about that, I mean people who could be telling you they're engaged and sound like they're going to slug you all the while. What's the term? Also, is there a way to know the difference?

Similarly, because this is actually what made me think of it, how do you know when someone TYPING IN ALL CAPS is yelling at you, and when they're just oblivious to how it looks? I think it's actually in the same family, although I also think a lot of people are just generally unaware that ALL CAPS is yelling. (Also, apparently some people with vision issues have to type like that.) But it all comes down to sounding hostile or annoyed when really, they aren't.

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Are there any performers or celebrities that you feel you can't speak negatively about, lest you be called a bigot?

This question was inspired by a comedian I heard on the radio. I said I didn't find her funny, and somebody got mad and said I'm homophobic. I didn't even know her name, never mind her personal life, so...

Don't know, don't care, and/or wearing your grandma's underwear:

Do you have an earworm at the moment?

For some godforsaken reason, I have Wilson Phillips "Hey, Santa!" going through my head.


what do you like to do for breakfast on the weekend??

moar pancakes
french toast
go out for breakfast
half a grapefruit
i'm usually coming in from the club about that time
walk of shame
did you say BACON???
i wake up about the crack of noon on the weekends
have someone take me out for breakfast
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Insanely popular movie quotes

So there are some REALLY popular movie quotes that just about everybody would probably know what movie they're from, or at least know they're from a movie, like...


"Luke, I am you father" (technically not the quote but whatever) or...

"Show me the money!!!"...

etc. etc. etc.

I can't think of any from a movie from the last, say, 10 years.

Can you think of a movie quote from the last 10 years that's SO quotable that most people probably know what you're referencing?

food oh noes

Is there a particular food that disagrees with you? Not like a legit IgA-mediated allergic reaction, but just something that you clearly should not ever eat again?

What does it do to you?

Do you eat it anyway?

This post brought to you by I should have known better.

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Greetings all. I'm relocating to Albuquerque within the next 30 days, any events or places that I should check out? Any tips or things that I should know about New Mexico?

DK/DC: How's your summer been so far? Doing anything exciting?

My summer has been chaotic so far. I nearly died during surgery, was readmitted to the hospital a week ago, and can't keep any food down :( There was a tornado on Friday and the sirens didn't go off so that was fun...