July 5th, 2015


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What do you put in your garbage disposal (or what do you think is acceptable if you don't have one?)?

What shouldn't be disposed of in there (besides the obvious wood, metal, bodies)?

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Cat friends, what do you call the little hanging belly that some older cats get?

We used to call it "swag belly", but others have called it "cat flaps", "udders", or even "bomb bay doors".
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Just curious.

Hi there TQC, hope you all had an awesome 4th of July!

I have probably a relatively easy question this go around. So on the new friends feed page I can see you can log into other social media platforms (twitter, instagram, etc). Does that just mean that when you log in through that it connects your two accounts? For example if I posted something on my instagram would it also post on my LJ as well? Or is it something just as simple as that the feed of what ever platform you signed in with will just be able to be seen in your friends feed/news feed/whatever its called? lol

DK?/DC: What did you do for the 4th of July? Did you get Friday or Monday off (or lucky enough to get both)?
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TQC - I am having issues (for the second time) with a verizon fios box. The box is not showing the time but is instead flashing codes and then repeating over and over again.

The codes in question are FP6A, dEc, PLL, crc, and 8888.

When I had the issue last time it finally fixed itself while I was waiting on the phone for a tech...

I'm not finding much help online that isn't already things that have crossed my mind, but TQC ...does anyone else have any ideas or know what is going on? Or is this something you've experienced? What did you do, if so?

DK/DC: What's a good coping mechanism for family members who get on your nerves or are (arguably) verbally or emotionally abusive to you?

DK/DC 2: What do you recommend using (lotion, soap, etc) for caring for very, very dry skin (especially around elbows)?
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Duuude its the GREATFUL DEAD ....

You are in a hotel, its late, and the people next door are intermittently playing music and talking loud. Which course(s) of action do you take?

Send my SO to shut them up
I go and shut them up my own bad self
I call the front desk to shut them up
I call 911 and ask the po po to shut them up
Slip a faux used panty liner under the door and summon a constable
Get dressed and go join them
Get naked and go join them
Call the front desk and request a different room
Change hotels
Sleep in my car
Sleep in a park
Break down the door SWATstyle and hand cuff the bastards
Pray for them really loudly
Reserve the room above them and start doing RIVER DANCING