July 2nd, 2015


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Artists who sell prints online, can you recommend a good site for doing such? Somewhere that I just upload an image file and people can select whatever size and shape they want and the website takes care of everything and gives me a cut? I'm doing research myself as well but I would love some personal feedback from people I "know". Thanks!

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OK creative people of TQC. I've been struggling to come up with a name for my Facebook page so I'm wondering if anyone can help me think of a good witty idea.

The general idea of it is.. I'm a travel agent. I also travel a lot. I want a Facebook page for my clients to like, as well as for people who want to see my travel photos/blog posts. So I can have this kind of travel agent journalist page and advertise both of my gigs. But I can't think of a name idea for the life of me! My name is Danielle. If possible I would like to include my name and make it catchy.

Any name ideas? Serious/non-serious ideas welcome.

DKDC - Where do you plan to go on your next vacation? or where would you like to go if you don't have one planned?

Starbucks lovers

Have any of you worked at starbucks? Or gotten interviewed by starbucks? i applied and am getting interviewed, this will be technically my first official interview so i am nervous!!

If not starbucks, have any of you guys been baristas??

Experiences/tips/advice/stories welcome :)