July 1st, 2015


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Poll #2015720 Celebrity sighting?

Let's say you're in a perfectly average scenario, in an average place at an average time (not a big event where celebrities would be expected) and a person comes up and starts talking to you, and they look EXACTLY like a celebrity. Or maybe you've been in this very scenario. Which of the following would you/ did you say?

"Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like [famous celeb]?
"Hey, are you [famous celeb]?

Or if you wouldn't say anything, answer the question as if this is just what you'd think to yourself? Point is, are you more likely to think you've seen the celebrity themselves, or just a look alike?
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Recent live-action U.S. TV commercial masquerading as an epic fantasy film trailer?

The commercial in question aired this spring, and initially appeared to be the trailer for an epic fantasy film in the Lord of the Rings/Narnia vein, portraying a High Queen resembling Tilda Swinton talking to a hobbit-like little person in an idyllic green field. Then it pans back, turning out to be an ad for...I don't remember what, but the friend I was visiting recalls that it was some brand of TV set/screen or computer monitor. (This, of course, meant that the movie in question was purely hypothetical; my friend was so disappointed that she stomped off to the computer to write such a story herself.)

Does anyone out there remember the commercial, and what they were selling? (A video link would be helpful as well.) My friend is certain that it was not a video game, LARP, or fanfilm--the production values were very much intended to imply a Hollywood blockbuster.

(Edited to remove irrelevant reference to a comment on whatwasthatone, where this was cross-posted.)
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Do inns still exist?

I just got hired at one and it's just a restaurant that's called an inn. Every time I've ever seen one it's been a restaurant that used to be an inn.

But like are bars and restaurants with rooms to stay in for the night still a thing? Or are they all just hotels now?