June 28th, 2015

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I want to apply to a job ad posted on my university's website, it's supposedly a very competitive position and I can believe it. In the body of the post, the ad says that the ideal contact method to apply is via email though none is provided, but in the "method of application" section, it only provides the office address of the person who handles the applications.

1. Should I apply via email (I found the person's email after doing a bit of digging), or would that be weird since it wasn't included in the ad?
2. Should I email the person asking which method they would prefer, and then apply?
3. If I already mailed my application via the post, should I still email and ask for clarification?

I'm worried that sending to both immediately could be taken as me not knowing how to read instructions (even though the ad is confusing, but people can be ridiculous), and if I ask I'm worried about coming across as obnoxious etc. TQC what would you do?

DK/DC/I do what I want and potential bosses can SUCK IT: do you leave the television on for your pets when you leave the house? If you have more than one kind of animal as a pet, do you leave it on for one animal in particular?
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Would you ever date someone with the same name? Those of you that are interested in the same gender if it were the same name, and for those of you that are interested in the opposite gender it can be exactly the same (Pat / Pat) or homophonically similar (Jerry / Geri).
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Germ O matic

How germophobic are you?

I see pathogens
I ain't afraid of no microbe
I'm a bio warrior
I wore a surgical mask in my senior picture
I want to move to the moon
I have a BIO HAZARD symbol tattooed on my body
I drink out of the milk jug
I eat chicken tartare
I like the taste of salmonella
I refuse to use public toilets
I take the comforter off my hotel bed
There are sterile surgical gloves in my purse/pack
I wipe my nose on my sleeve
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awww snookums

Inspired by a recent comment in TQC:

Does your SO often address you by name?

If not often, ever?

Do you address your SO by name?

If not, why not?

DC/no current SO: pie or cake?