June 26th, 2015


relationships & feelings

Imagine you are in a committed relationship of 9 years. Your spouse now wants a divorce.

1) Are your feelings/reactions to this news different if you receive it:
a) as a written note when you arrive home from work on a Wednesday night (alone, spouse not present), vs
b) in a verbal conversation? (In person? On the telephone?)

2) If you think your feelings/reactions would be different based on how you were informed, describe how you think they would be different?

3) What about other factors, such as if the news comes on a day you arrive home from work late and have to be up really early for a really long shift the next day, vs finding out at a time that has less other/non-relationship stressors?
What is the "best" and "worst" time/way to hear this news?

(no subject)

Have you ever had your cards read/future or fortune told? Do you believe in those kinds of things? What about candles and spells? New age-y stuff?

I've hit quite a rough patch in my life, and I think I want to go visit a psychic and get some kind of insight. Feeling pretty hopeless and for some reason this is the first idea that popped into my head.

(no subject)

Has anyone been in a office based job where they don't have much to do? or have you been assigned to a job where you are doing meaningless and pointless things? How did you cope with it?

I have been working hard to develop a site to store data and doing all the documentation to make it as easy as possible to use but it just seems futile because the users are technology averse. Other than that that project I have nothing else to do. I have asked my co workers for more work but I am only given work that could be completed really quickly and I can't ask thrm that often. I have been studying heaps already in my down time but it's driving me crazy without actual meaningful work to do. I don't mind doing data entry or proofreading which I have done already as long as I have something meaningful to do.

(sorry for typos typing on my phone)