June 23rd, 2015

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eBay feedback woes

Background: I ordered a bottle of Zoya nail polish on eBay. I buy and occasionally swap Zoyas so I've gotten a fair amount of them from 3rd party sellers, all of whom have wrapped the nail polish carefully in bubble wrap to avoid any breakage. This seems like common sense to me. However, this particular one I received was just mailed in a paper envelope, not even a padded envelope, with absolutely nothing wrapped around it for cushion. Luckily, it didn't break, but I left the seller feedback about it. I would have explained my reasoning for the feedback more, but eBay only gives you like 60 characters to give feedback, so all I could type out was "Was shipped in regular envelope with no protection. Lucky bottle didn't break."

Overall, the feedback is "neutral," not negative, and I only gave her less than 5 stars on the "shipping and handling charges" portion. The shipping charge was $4.54 for the item, when it only takes $2 and some change to ship a bottle of nail polish, so especially for the lack of packaging, I feel that the shipping charge is too high.

The seller is asking me to revise my feedback, and sent me this E-mail:
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While no bottle has broken on me, I know of at least two instances when a bottle has broken in transit, shipped from Zoya with considerably more packaging. It's rare, but it does happen.

If you were me, would you revise your feedback? Am I just being petty, or is this a legitimate thing to put as feedback on eBay?

EDIT: Thanks everyone. I declined her request and sent her a message explaining that the shipping charge was too high for the materials used, and that Zoyas can break in transit even with better packaging, so if she's going to continue to charge so much for shipping, she may want to invest that profit she's making from the shipping charges into better packing materials. I said all this much more nicely than it sounds here though haha.

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why does paypal suck SO MUCH?

do you have any paypal horror stories? if so, please share them to help comfort me over the fact that I have to wait the rest of the week to have my bank reimburse me the $35 overdraft fee that paypal caused by charging something to my bank account without either asking me if that was ok, or even telling me they were doing it. after probably 2.5 hours on the phone with paypal and my bank, that's the best I could do.

dk/dc: what Pandora station should I create next? I'm going for both musical awesomeness, but also amusing names for my stations. ever since I discovered "Shut Up and Dance Radio", I think this could be a fun game. There must be other band/song names out there that make amusing Pandora radio station names...

unneccessary dampness

I work in a mid-sized building, four floors, washrooms on each floor. Ours (ground floor) gets the most use because guests of the company also use it. It has two toilets/stalls, and each one is stocked with two rolls of toilet paper plus there's an extra supply in case we run out. For the last couple of weeks, several days a week one of the rolls in one stall is wet to the touch. Not completely dripping wet but very, very damp as though water fell on it, it got dropped into a sink, something like that. The other roll is totally dry. And in the second stall both rolls are dry (which is of course normal).

Why is that one roll wet? It's always the same roll, the one closest to the stall door.

Srs and non-srs answers, please.
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My bff had been stuck in the hospital under observation for several days and is likely to be there for several more. She's sick of watching TV/movies. Can you give me some ideas of things to bring her or do with her while I'm visiting to help drive away some of the boredom?

She is:
-hooked up to an IV
-heavily swollen in both hands, to the point that it's difficult for her to hold a phone / tablet / book / magazine / writing instrument / playing cards / any game pieces I can think of

I've been Googling and, of course, all the suggestions involve dexterity, like app games or knitting needles. The only thing I can think of is a board game in which I move her token/s, which doesn't sound terribly entertaining for her.

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I have a bachelorette party to throw in a week on a tiny budget. We're having it at my house and I thought we could do appetizers and wine along with a craft. Then s'mores and Netflix. What kind of craft do you think we should do? I thought maybe painting coasters? It's only three of us, so almost anything goes.