June 17th, 2015

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You can't handle the TRUTH

How do you define TRUTH?

Truth is absolute
Truth is subjective
Truth is relative
I reject your reality and substitute my own
Why the all cap TRUTH Haj?
Truth is a warm puppy
Gimme all your loving all your hugs and kisses too
Only trolls talk the truth line
Truth is like a flower
I got yer truth.....in my pants!

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What do you do to feel more comfortable and understood around people?  Do you ever feel misunderstood, bullied or do you overhear gossip?  How do you block this out? 

Have you ever had to improve your social skills?  What did you try that helped? 

dk/dc. What was the last good conversation you had about? 

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I have a 91 Geo Prizm. I went over a rather large curb on Monday night and managed to pop my front passenger tire and shear off my shock mount. According to the mechanic, the car needs an entire new shocks system. It’s about $500 all told. I've already replaced the radiator system and put new tires on it this year. So lots of money spent on it.

I’m considering selling my Geo for parts and then using that money towards a new car. Thing is, unless I time it really well and manage to do both on the same day, I’ll be carless for a few days, and that means no work, and that’s a pretty big problem. And it breaks my heart to even consider selling it as an option, I love that car to death and I’d love to keep it but I am in enough debt.

Buuuttt maybe if I replace the shocks, then I could get it to 200k with regular maintanence? It’s only at 123k now! It runs fine! Sure, it doesn’t have air conditioning and the rear quarter panel is a mess and a half, but. Sigh. I don’t know, guys. Help? Opinions? What would you do?
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Dating in the 1970s

I'm a writer, and I'm currently writing an E-book set in 1974. Now, in my research of asking friends, and older people I know, I've found more and more that relationships between teenaged girls and older men (usually early to mid 20s) were a thing that would occur and not many people would bat an eyelash at.

Why was this a thing? A bunch of my friends said their parents met and dated when they were in this age range. My buddy's mom was 15 when she began dating his dad, and he was maybe 20. Even my own mother married my dad when she was 17 and he was in his early 20s in 1972.

I understand it still happens today. Heck, a girl I went to high school with dated a 35 year old man when she was 17.

However, it seemed like back then people were just really nonchalant about it. There were even songs about it, like "You're 16," and so forth. I asked Google, but it just gave me information about the dangers of these types of relationships.

Thank you.
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Dr. Question Club...

I've been noticing something lately, especially when I'm walking long distances.

I feel as though my ankle is rolling in on me any time I plant my foot down. Walking back from an appointment today, I looked down to see if I could spot any sort of difference. (It hurt more to look while walking.) I've tried looking up some stuff about what's going on, and I'm not getting any help whatsoever. It's a lot of medical terms and definitions about nothing relating to what's going on.

Do I call my regular doctor regarding this? If so, when?

First-aid Advice

Today, I managed to trip and scrape the heck out of my knees.

How on earth do I keep the injuries protected?
I've tried large band aids. I've tried guaze pads and tape. And nothing has stayed on, unless I stay perfectly still. (I'm trying small band aids right now, but I don't have high hopes.)

Am I doomed to liquid bandages?
(I'd like to continue using antibiotic ointment, which doesn't work with those.)