June 16th, 2015

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High school reunions.

Hi there TQC,

Today marks the literal 10 years since I graduated high school. (Wait, when did I get old? lol) Anyway, I found out this afternoon the reunion is in 11 days. A small part of me wants to go. Maybe there will be someone cool there to reconnect with that maybe I forgot about or lost touch with. But the rest of me is like, "who really gives a sh*t?". We weren't really friends 10 years ago, why suddenly would be now? Or you know, I'm not really in the mood to participate in the pissing contest of whose life is more awesome? It's at a bar/club (I don't mind drinking, but clubs aren't really my idea of a good time). The $60 ticket includes "heavy appetizers" (whatever that means?), 2 drinks, and entrance to the club where we will have a patio designated to us for 2 hours. Once again my class' ability to plan BIG events underwhelms me.

For those of you that have had reunions, did you go? If you didn't go, did you wish you did? Was it super lame, or pretty cool? Or for those of you that have them coming up, are you planning on going?