June 11th, 2015


Garbage Pickup

Does someone come to haul away your garbage? If so, who pays them? If you are the one who pays, how much does it cost? Are you charged a flat fee per month, or a charge only when you put out garbage for pickup? Does the charge vary based on how much you put out?

city walls

gluten sensitivity coming and going

have you, or anyone you know, ever had a gluten intolerance or sensitivity that went away? If so, what were the conditions (if any / known / suspected) under which it went away? Or did it just disappear?? Did it ever return? If so, what were the conditions (if any / known / suspected) under which it came back?

brought to you by my 1.5-year-old gluten sensitivity, which used to make me double over in debilitating pain, and now appears to be gone, or at least minimized to slight uncomfortability at worst. I'm optimistic and intrigued, and would love to hear your stories, TQC -- however tangentially related they may be :)

DK/DC: Do you still own CD's? If so, how do you organize them - have you kept all the jewel cases, or gotten rid of those and kept only the discs themselves (and booklets?) in some more compact form of storage? If not, how did you go about getting rid of them, and did you digitize a copy of them first?
eat me

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I know there are/were some foodies here so I'm hoping you all can help me decide upon treats to make my little cousin to celebrate the end of her exams.

I'm currently toying with the idea of nanaimo bars but I've never even had them.. so it may be a bit ambitious.

What sort of goodies/treats do you guys like to make?

Do you have any tried and tested recipes for cookies/desserts/cakes that you might like to share with me?
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