June 5th, 2015

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traveling with pets

So I'm planning on moving out of state sooner or later (it will be about a nine hour trip) and I have two cats. What's the best way to take care of them in this situation? I've heard of people giving their animals "pet downers" from the vet to keep them calm, but I'm not sure how long those drugs last or how much to give them. Another thing I should add is that I will be keeping them in a sizeable carrier (at least roomy enough for the two of them) and I'll place an old towel on the bottom of the carrier.


Last night i went fishing with my boss. He
has a big boat and we went trolling for fish.
Is trolling for fish and trolling the internets the same thing? Or different?

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What is the best day of the week to visit Disneyland? (Define "best" which every way you think of, such as less crowded, more events, etc.?) Would the best day be a different than usual if going during peak travel time in the first week of July?
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LA: Hotels, Disneyland and Halloween & Denver

I'm travelling from Australia and am going to be in LA from Oct 28 to mid Nov and was wondering if Disneyland did anything especially Halloween related on Oct 31. If not, I might schedule my days there later in my trip. What's the best pass to get for value for money?? I'd like to go for at least 2 days. And is it best to get a motel package deal that includes entry??

Also after recs for cheap (preferably under $80/night) but comfortable places to stay in LA. I'll be wanting to go to Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood so something fairly central to those places would be good. I'll be relying on public transport to get around. Any other not-too-expensive touristy things I should check out???

Am also doing 1 weekend (Thurs-Mon) in Denver so any recs for reliable/cheap flights. Which airlines are best and ones to avoid? And again, any must-see things to do in Denver?? I can extend my stay there a couple of days if it's worth doing so.


Hi all! I went without a home PC for quite a few years. I just bought a laptop yesterday and live journal is one of the first sites I browsed...to my disappointment :( I remember TQC bringing me hours of entertainment, pages of questions every day, which brings me to MY first question:

What happened to thequestionclub?! It was once thriving at a time LJ was STILL dying..

Now, are there any awesome communities that I just have to check out when I'm trying to kill time?

Are there any hobbies that you've picked up gradually over the past couple of years in particular that have become a huge part of your life?

my answer: I had a baby a few years ago, so there's that inevitable commitment ;)! I became pretty health-conscious as far as exercising and eating nutritiously, and also picked up rock climbing. I train indoors most of the year, and sport climb regularly outdoors during peak season.
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So, my wife mentioned that she was having a staff party and not to wait for dinner. I thought she said next Thursday (which, in hindsight, is an odd day for a party in a place with Monday-Friday hours) but her delay in coming home leads me to believe its today.

Because I thought it was nearly a week away I didn't ask for an approximate time for when she'd come back. Based on previous parties, they probably started at 4pm.

I can't message her to ask her because her phone is malfunctioning so she left it at home. I spent an hour trying to fix said phone today and think I've got a minor improvement, at least enough to get the number of one of her colleagues.

I don't want to seem like a clingy person. Is it rude to send a text to this person (I've met a few times but have no reason to have their number)? It's 11:04pm currently.

Edit: The person I texted didn't reply and she didn't get the message, however she messaged me on facebook at about 1:30AM to say she was leaving. She said that the party had gone on longer than expected. It turned out that they'd never actually left the school so she didn't want to be rude by leaving the party in search of a computer. :)