June 4th, 2015

I want to learn to cook.

My boyfriend is a really good cook. I can make a few basic things my mom taught me (clam or corn chowder, goulash, etc) but not much else. I can follow recipes for the most part although there have been some disasters.

I want to start cooking because he works six nights a week and rarely cooks. I want to make things that are good leftovers so I can bring to him at work or he can eat after work, and I can eat the next day.

Anyone have any recipes or websites to recommend to me?

Thanks team.

How long would you wait...

...to go ass to mouth?

Just kidding (and I don't know why that phrase is stuck in my head).

Okay, let's say you live in a building with only one washer and dryer. You head down to use them, and both are empty, but there is a laundry basket sitting on top of one of the machines. A package of detergent is also there, so it's possible that this is a sign that somebody is calling dibs. (I'm new here, so I don't know.)

How long would you wait before thinking, "Eff it. You had more than enough time to get quarters"?

Don't know/don't care/clean underwear is for suckers: what is the most ridiculous accusation that somebody has thrown at you?

Toddler on Board


You accidentally discover grandma and grandpa don't use the car seat for their two-year-old grandchild. Instead, Grandma holds the child in her lap while sitting in the front seat (human car seat?). The child's parent (their son) showed them how to use the car seat but grandma and grandpa think it's too complicated and behind the parent's back they don't bother with it.

Would you tell the child's parent or say nothing? If it was your child, would you want someone to tell you?

are those real?

Poll #2013089 only make-believe

What do you picture when you hear the word falsies?

fake breasts that one wears inside a bra to give the illusion of actual larger breasts
fake extra butt padding
false eyelashes
other (explain in comments)