June 2nd, 2015


Soap opera #2

Lets say you had a best friend who was in love with you but didn't act on it until you met the person who became your spouse. Your spouse and said BF become best friends, though he knew of BF's feelings.

A few years later, you're happily married and have a couple kids, BF calls you up (possibly drunk) out of nowhere and proclaims his love for you and asks if you've ever loved him. You tell him no and if he shouldn't be doing this because I'm happily married to his BF. He says ok and never brings it up again.

Your spouse is deployed so you have no way to tell him when it happens. Do you tell your spouse when he comes back and risk their entire friendship or just chalk it up to drunken ravings and leave it alone because you don't want to start any unnessesary drama?