May 31st, 2015

Slytherin Binny

(no subject)

I was watching the murder channel late last night and there was a 20/20 special about this 16 year old girl who barely survived a car crash that killed a pregnant mother and her son in the other car.

She had no memory of the crash or of the whole day leading up to it, doctors and psychiatrists agree that she is not faking the amnesia.

However, text messages from right before showed that she had caused the crash intentionally as an attempt at suicide. The family of the deceased asked her to apologize but she refused to apologize for something she doesn't remember doing.

She was convicted of two counts of deliberate homicide and sentenced to up to 30 years in prison.

Do you agree with that decision?
Should people be sent to prison for crimes they don't remember committing?

I'm not asking if they should have to face responsibility for their actions, I'm specifically asking about prison as the proper response.
Gargoyle Eye

Lost and Found Etiquette

Has someone ever returned an item you lost and were not expecting to find?  Did you give them a reward?

A check and cash tip I left for a pet sitter ended up very far away in a parking lot, and a person sent it to me with a sweet note trying to brainstorm how it could have ended up there.  I want to write a thank you note but can't decide if sending money is weird or not, especially as the check itself was worth so little. What would TQC do?
Geeky Girls

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Like many other TQC members, I don't post nearly as often as I used to.  I used to post multiple times a day.  Now, I do good to post a few times a year.  Mostly, I really only post to let people know that I haven't fallen off the planet.

The other day, I had a few drinks and posted.  It's so nice to have my own platform and to only post about things I care about.  I need to drunk post more, I do believe.

So, TQC - do you regularly post in your own journal?  If not, why?