May 28th, 2015


I'm thinking of making a salt scrub to exfoliate. I'm super broken out at the moment and I think exfoliating will help. I've heard you can mix oil in the salt to help. Some articles reccommend Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Any expierence with this or other tips?
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People skills...

Or lack thereof, I should say. How does one go about becoming good at reading people/social interactions? I understand some think it's a "some got it, some don't" situation, but it has to be somewhat deeper than that.
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Hey TQC,

Do you participate in community theatre, or music, or other types of public amateur performances? Do you have friends who do so?

How do you handle it when a friend (or friendly acquaintance) has a performance that is truly awful? Do you lie and say it was great? Do you bluntly tell them it sucked? Do you avoid the topic and hope they won't press you for comments? Do you flee from the venue before they come out after the show?

Background: I've been participating in a comedy festival, along with several other people I've taken acting classes with before. Some of their performances have been really good, but there have been one or two real stinkers. I don't want to offend or hurt anyone's feelings; but I don't want to be dishonest and praise performances that REALLY don't deserve it, either. What should I do?

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I broke up with my SO about three weeks ago... And even though we weren't good for each other, I miss him a lot...

So what's your go to "I miss you" song?? Because I apparently haven't tourtured myself enough with sad break-up songs :(

Health question for cat owner

Dear cat lovers,

For owners, or health expertise, if you guys can answer my question, I'd be delighted.

Is cats hair/fur dangerous (if we inhale them)?
For owners, what kind of precaution or health management you guys do (there's no way we dont inhale some of the hair/fur, right, knowingly or nott)? Is it Bad for us, esp those with respitory problem like asthma?

I have 3cats, 2 of them are long hair (persian, and a mixed anggora), 1 is short hair.
Before I have the long hair ones, i never imagine how much fur/hairtrouble a cat can create.
There seems never ending battle with FUR! I have to clean, sweep, broom, vacuum, every single day.

Parents are really againts cats, so everyday we fight.

I cleAN them. Change and clean the dirty sand everyday. Clean bowl n water. So far, thr cats are just fine, it's been almost 2years. Lately, my respiratory is acting, and i was kinda worried, what should I do?
What counter-measure can I do to leesen the danger if there is.
I live in country where pet-care are not considered something, just some weird-thing done by weird people. Yes, it's suck.
I have asthma too. Add this with the stress from parents, i can asure how much headache and attack i get.