May 26th, 2015

su - lapis lazuli


This is a legitimate curiousity question because I've heard/seen mixed things.

Is the hijab/body covering a requirement for Muslim women or not? What is the belief/reasoning behing wearing one/covering up? At what age is a girl/woman supposed to start wearing one?

Bad food

Would you get a refund for food at a restaurant where your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get your money back if:

1) You just didn't like it. It seemed to be cooked right but it just doesn't taste good to you.

2) It was way too salty, too charred, or other cooking mistake.

3) It wasn't exactly what you ordered, for example it was medium rare instead of well done.

4) It was too cold by the time you got it.

5) You found stuff in it, like hair,

Have you ever sent food back? Do you think it's petty or would you rather get a refund/new food than eat bad food?


I'm going to be in New Orleans in August and our hotel is on Canal Street. We're not getting a rental car so we can pretty much only go about as far as the bus or tram goes, but does anyone have any suggestions of places to go and things to do??

Fandom Baby Names

How many geeks out there feel comfortable with naming a child after a fictional character? Do you know of anyone who named their children after fictional characters? How do you feel about the phenomenon in general?

I myself would love to name a future daughter Arwen. I have a friend with a neice named Eowyn (with a personality to match). And I've seen a few Tumblr posts where a teacher sees a student with the name of Hermione or some other fictional character.

As you can see, I don't have a problem with naming a child after a fictional character. I draw the line at giving a white child a Japanese name, though. That's just a bit tacky to me.


We had some fun flash floods today, though nothing compared to what's happening in Texas and Oklahoma. Just way too deep in some intersections, and I was reminded of a friend whose teenager drove her dad's Subaru into a "puddle." Yes, new engine.

Have you ever driven into something (puddle, snow, mysterious one-way section of small UK town at noon) and thought OH NOES just a moment too late?