May 20th, 2015

Everyone's doing it these days

Have you ever hooked up with or dated someone you met online? Have you ever chatted with someone who you suspected was not what they said they were or who sent you what you suspected was fake pics? How did you handle it?
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I had an eye appointment this morning (thanks for advice on picking a doctor!) and my optometrist asked me to consider anti-fatigue lenses because all of my work on the computer is causing me serious eyestrain. I'm finding some reviews that say while these lenses reduce eyestrain, the slight progression from the normal strength prescription to the weaker strength prescription is quite noticable when you're looking far away or have your head tilted back. But I also imagine the same thing has to be true of bifocals or trifocals and my parents have never complained about those once they got used to them.

I'm wondering if any of you have them or have had them. Did you notice the difference in prescription strength when you weren't working? What was your overall opinion? Thanks! :)


How do people date anymore? Ever since I graduated high school a few years ago I've found it so difficult to meet people. I've only dated one person and it was someone I knew from junior high.

I tried doing online stuff, but that's never really worked out. But I just joined Tinder and am thinking about doing Okcupid again.

I'm just not a go to the bar kind of person...I wish I could get with someone who didn't drink or smoke honestly, but that seems impossible.

Any advice?
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If you have a partner, to what extent do you expect them to stand up for you? I’m thinking verbally more than physically here, but by all means answer for a physical situation too if you want.

I forget exactly what we were watching, but it was something where some bloke told a woman she was a slut, and my husband asked me what I’d want him to do in that situation. (I told him that if someone insulted me to my face, I’d rather he let me deal with it myself, but that if someone insulted me to his (my husband’s) face, or in general conversation where he was present, I’d expect him to defend me unless he thought the situation was so volatile that he’d be more sensible to just leave).

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