May 18th, 2015


Inspired by a recent post

1)What's the last movie you saw more than once in a theater? Why?

2)What movie do you wish you'd seen in theaters?

3)Do you eat at the movies? If so, do you buy it there or sneak it in? If you sneak it in, is it just due to prices, or do you have other reasons? Ever been caught?

4)Do you prefer to go alone or with a group? How much do you hate doing the opposite?

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For the first time in my life, I have eye insurance! As a life long glasses-wearer, this is exciting.

I don't know how to pick an eye doctor, though. I have a huge long list of doctors in my area, providing what I want, who accept both my insurance and new patients. How am I supposed to choose? Close my eyes and point?

LJ Sidebar Feeds

My understanding is that the sidebar feed widgets (for Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on the LJ homepage are going away. Does anybody know if LJ plans to restore these in the future? I rarely post on Facebook anymore (and have never been much of a Twitter user) but I like being able to follow what's being posted there.

Do you use the sidebar feeds? What's your relationship to other social media?
Sam oops


1. Have you ever been advised to follow a low-carb diet for health reasons? If so, did it have the effect you wanted?

2. Are carbs something you think/worry about? Do you try to eat low-carb in general? For weight maintenance or for other reasons?

3. Do you have favorite low-carb recipes, and will you link to/share them? (I'm a decent cook but I prefer simple and/or quick recipes.)

I have to go low-carb, and most of the food I like best is carbs, so it's been a challenge. Also, foods that are convenient, easy to transport and readily available are often mostly carbs, so the biggest challenge for me has been having enough low-carb food on hand. Avoiding sugar is the biggest concern. I appreciate any tips and tricks you might have!
Chandler & The Drill

(no subject)

1) What is your method for cooking rice? Do you vary your method depending on the type of rice (white, brown, red, etc.)?

My mum taught me to heat oil in a saucepan, add the rice to it when the oil is hot, stir the rice until it starts to go opaque, add twice the volume of cold water that there is rice, bring up to a simmer, stick the lid on, and simmer on low for 15-30 mins depending on how much rice there is (basically until the rice has absorbed all the water). It works quite well most of the time, but lately my rice is only okay, not really tasty. Any advice?

2) What exactly is a rice cooker, and if you own one, how often do you use it?

DK/DC Are there any songs where you prefer the intro or riff to the rest of the song? (Mine are Sweet Child O’ Mine and Enter Sandman. I like both the songs, but I only love them for their intros.)