May 16th, 2015



I have a soap that is "made with natural goat's milk". It's cool and I want to display it in a shadow box in my bathroom. It is unwrapped (received wrapped in tissue paper) so I don't know how to preserve it.

What should I spray or cover it with to keep it from melting over time?
Should I add something absorbent to the bottom of the shadow box to help keep moisture away?
Will this even work?!

Grocery Shopping

What particularly delicious food did you buy on your last trip to the grocery store? (you can list everything or just the most stand-out items, whatever you prefer)

If you could ask me to splurge on one item for you, what would it be?

Brought to you by my 99-cent raspberries, indulgence in beef jerky, and amazing gluten-free edamame & lentil baked chips.

Just curious.

Hi there TQC-ers.

I feel kinda silly that it took me this long to actually realize this, but alas it did. I noticed once LJ started doing the Visual Editor the automatic spell check went away. Which made me sad, cause when I make spelling errors can annoy me at times. What I just realized is that it is still automatic when you are in the HTML view. Is there any reason why it's not automatically done on the visual editor? Am I the only one experiencing this? Is it an LJ thing or a Google Chrome thing?

Just wondering. That's all. Hope you're having a great day.

tl;dr: Do you consider yourself the spelling police? Do spelling errors annoy you?

80% full

Can you tell when you're 80% full? Do you think this is an effective strategy for eating reasonably?

I thought I might be 80% full today, but it's only an hour after lunch, I'm really hungry again and probably I will stay that way until dinner time.

DK/DC: can you hear birds singing where you are now? What kinds of birds can you hear?

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You need a new pair of work boots. They cost about $70. When you're in the store you get about $30 worth of other stuff too. You use your credit card and walk out of the store. Outside you glance at the receipt and realize you didnt get charged for the boots. Only the other stuff.

What do you do now? REALLY. No bullsh*t

Thanks for all your candid answers