May 13th, 2015

Mr. Pants Says

Crab Grass and Other So Called Weeds

Why is crab grass, in a "natural" lawn considered bad? It's green, drought tolerant, spreads readily to cover bare spots, and did I mention drought tolerant?

My dad can't come over to my house without going on a crab grass hunt. Like, crab grass will bring about the apocalypse and he's the sole savior to keep the entire world from being covered in this grass.

My personal philosophy about "weeds" is unless I have specifically cleared off a patch of dirt for a specific planting, if it's green, it's golden. I don't even battle the dandelions, as they make the most yellow of yellowy yellow flowers in the morning and little round puff balls of wish heads in the afternoon. The entire plant is edible and medicinal, so Welcome to my yard, little dandelions!

Sparkle Sparkle

1. What is the last piece of jewelry you bought (for yourself) or were given?
2. Where or from whom did you get it?
3. What do you like about it?
4. Is it something you'll wear often?
5. What is the last piece of jewelry you bought for someone else?
6. Who was it for?

[Edit: Loving the responses! This is great fun for helping pass the time until garage sales open tomorrow and I can go look for more pretty things.]
Grumpy Angel

(no subject)

What is an alternative to jewelry for something with birthstones to acknowledge family members? I want to get my mum something that has the birthstones for her grandchildren (as I will be having her second one any week now), but she doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, so a ring or necklace seems silly. But I really like birthstones, and the idea of something with birthstones in it. Thoughts?

If you are a parent, how long would you think was ideal for you/your partner to be able stay home after the birth of the baby? Not just the birth mother, though please feel free to comment on maternity leave, but also the other partner?

Would You?


Let's say there's a person you wish would drop off the face of the earth. Now, let's say you can make that happen (just make 'em disappear) if you do the following: Meet in person and say to them, "Ya' know what, you are fantastic. Everything about you is so right. You are awesome."

Poll #2011014 For the Long Haul
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Would you be false and make the person disappear?

Chandler & The Drill

Routers / How to address a letter

We recently switched our broadband from Sky to BT, as Sky was ridiculously slow. BT is proving to be much faster, but it's constantly disconnecting us when we try to play online games. My husband did a bit of research and found that apparently BT routers are notorious for not supporting online gaming well, especially if you're in a mic party.

1) Has anyone else had this experience with BT?
2) Have any of you subsequently bought a new router that you've had more success with, specifically in terms of online gaming?

I know that if you're addressing a letter to a non-specific person (Dear Sir or Madam, etc.) you should sign it 'yours faithfully', and if addressing it to a specific person (Dear Mrs Pasta, etc.) you should sign it 'yours sincerely'. But which do you think is more appropriate if you're addressing a specific group of people, but no one by name? (The staff of the transfiguration department, etc.)

DK/DC: How many pairs of footwear do you own, and of what types?