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May 10th, 2015

mother's day [May. 10th, 2015|09:11 am]
The Question Club


It's mother's day in the US! Whatchu doin' with your mother/grandmother/maternal figure today?

DK/DC/No mother: what are your favorite taco toppings?
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Craft Time [May. 10th, 2015|09:13 am]
The Question Club


What craft projects are you currently working on?

Is it going as well as you hoped?

Pictures? (Feel free to share ones of what it should/will look like if you don't want to share wip pictures.) 
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Definition or What does this really mean? [May. 10th, 2015|12:17 pm]
The Question Club



At the bottom of Apple Magazine's website is a list of authorized publishers. What does 'authorized publisher' mean in this context, as in, what can they do? Does it mean those organizations have the right to reprint or quote the magazine's content in its own product (newspaper, magazine, etc.)?

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airport fun [May. 10th, 2015|01:34 pm]
The Question Club



I have two hours to kill at an airport. what should I do??

find something healthy to eat
find something bad to eat
get drunk
taunt TSA
get a trashy magazine to read
jog up and down the concourse
get drknu
ask fellow travelers if they know Jesus?
taunt air crew members
get very drnku
sing ELECTRIC BUGALOO with my head phones plugged into nothing
did I mention getting drunk?
other in comments
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GOGGIES [May. 10th, 2015|04:58 pm]
The Question Club


1. If you have a dog right now, what prompted you to decide you were ready for a dog?
2. What made you choose that particular dog(s)?
3. If you don't have a dog right now, why not?
(srs question: I am interested in both what is preventing people from having a dog as well as why people don't want dogs)
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you have 5% battery remaining [May. 10th, 2015|06:30 pm]
The Question Club


Other than sleep, what recharges your energy when you're feeling a bit depleted?
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(no subject) [May. 10th, 2015|07:02 pm]
The Question Club


Now that we've found love what are we going to do with it?
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Habits [May. 10th, 2015|11:36 pm]
The Question Club


Those of you who have broken a bad habit, what was it? How did you do it? How long has it been since you last "indulged"?

What about your good habits? What are some good habits you've picked up at a later age (define "later age" however you like)? How did you do it? How long have you been consistent in it?

Bonus points for anything besides: diet, exercise, smoking, nail biting. But I would still be interested in those stories, too!
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