May 5th, 2015

Lion De Paris

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if you were pregnant and halfway through your pregnancy or so you became brain dead, would you want to be kept alive by life support machines and a team of health care professionals so that your baby would continue to develop and be born later? or would you want to have no life support, die, and whatever becomes of the fetus happens then and there?
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all the world's a dining room

This morning I was in the waiting area of my car dealer's service center. It features a TV, magazines nobody wants to read, brochures for more car-related stuff they want to upsell to customers, an odiferous display of fresh new tires, and cookies.

A guy was eating one of the cookies. It struck me that a place that smells like tires is not where I'd like to be enjoying a nice cookie. Home, a coffee shop, maybe my desk at work if I'm in too much of a hurry to take a coffee break, but not the car dealership with its charming soundtrack of tire-changing machinery and constantly ringing phones.

Are there places where other people are evidently okay with eating, but you're not?

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tqc, do you use the "new" friends feed page?

does anyone else have a widget on the right side of your friends feed that says "entries"? wtf entries are in there? for me it's some random entries from communities I'm not even in, three of the entries are in russian, I don't know how to control what shows up there and there's no edit. this is in the widget sidebar, under the calendar and twitter and instagram feeds.

dk/dc - how bad does a bowl have to be chipped for you to want to throw it out?