April 30th, 2015



Why do skateboarders that you see in videos always wear helmets, knee pads and elbow pads when they're in verts or skateparks, but when they're doing stuff out on the street they almost never do? Especially when they are often trying more dangerous tricks on the street?

Edit - you guys have correctly pointed out that there are situations where pros would have to wear the stuff to follow rules and whatnot, but my question was based on the fact that the same pros take the stuff of to do street videos. That's the part I don't get. Amateurs who wanna look cool....I totally get

Traveling solo in or near France

Hey TQC,

I will be in France in August for a work conference. I'll be in Paris with a friend the first few days and then in Montpellier for the conference. After that, I'll have 4 days of solo travel before I fly out of Paris again. I'm 25 and a woman and am used to traveling solo, but I want to be able to feel safe and have never been to the mainland of Europe before. I'm interested in the culture, food, and natural environment of the area. I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money but obviously I know that Europe is expensive.

1. Panhandle area of Italy, mainly Genoa
2. Corsica
3. Barcelona and other Spanish cities close to France
4. Stay in France (Lyon and/or other places)

For those of you who live in this area or have been, what places would you recommend? Any of these options or something else entirely?
Mr. Pants Says

Sunshine on my Shoulders

Dear home farmers of TQC,

If you have very dark, rich soil how do you keep it from getting so hot it cooks your crops? Other than frequently watering the old vegetable patch, what's left? I am considering using mulch to cover the dirt, but the (free) mulch I have available is also very dark.

DK/DC/I do my gardening at the grocery store: How stringently do you adhere to any sun-blocking regimen for your skin? I will admit that I absolutely HATE the way sunscreen feels on my skin and have to be basically shamed into using any. If you use one regularly that you like, feel free to plug it and why you like it.