April 26th, 2015

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Manipulative emotional black holes

I've made many mistakes after moving eight hours away.

First was thinking I'm not attractive or desirable, thus ending up in a dead end relationship for three years. Towards the end of that relationshit, my second mistake came in the form of a prince charming-turned-manipulative psycho stalker. Adding onto that mistake was the fact that we worked together.

This guy had a massive bad crush on me the minute he laid eyes on me. We knew someone mutually to whom I confided my relationship issues. Well, this "friend" ends up telling him every detail about my situation. He knew exactly what I wanted and needed to hear and lavished me with the attention I was not getting. I'll have to admit, he was very sweet when I first met him. Then shit slowly started to hit the fan.

I moved here seven years ago to be with family and have always struggled to make friends. The family I was close with are passed on or moved elsewhere. I'm more or less anonymous in a town where everyone knows each other.

This dude pathologically lied about what we "did", which was absolutely nothing. The most sexual thing we ever did was him kissing me on the cheek before I pushed him off of me. This is someone who fucked his sister in law behind his brother's back [multiple times] without a second thought....after everyone in our workplace found out, he conveniently decided he was SAVED and was going to be a preacher. The many times I tried to get him to stop chasing me, he constantly had a sob story lined up about being molested/how his drunk whore mother abused him/how both his parents are now dead, which of course led to me feeling bad for even entertaining the idea.

He would talk shit behind my back, deny everything and act perfectly innocent when I would confront him, and in general made sure that everyone thought I was a complete bitch. I should've been more proactive and taken it more seriously at the time, but all I could think was what a fucking pansy he was for not handling his problems on his own like an adult. He played the victim perfectly and had everyone fooled into thinking I was leading him on.

I'll give another example of this:
He INSISTED on giving me a ride home (which was half a block away), upon arriving we see a flat tire on my car. Using my jack and my four way, he took off the tire and we rode down to the nearest mechanic/gas station. Using my money, I bought a $6 tire repair kit and he repaired the tire. The next day, his story turned into him buying me a brand new tire (a $65 purchase at the least). I wouldn't find out about many of his maniacal stories until months afterwards. I guess none of the good-hearted inbreds in this town are Christian enough to be honest?

So this isn't so much a question anymore than it is a vent, but I have to know if anyone else has been in a similar situation, and do you think I deserved to have this happen to me? I've gotten no sympathy from anyone in bumfuck central.
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Grumpy Angel

Freezer question

Hi guys,

Another freezer question - if you're freezing a meal that is baked with shredded cheese on top, do you add the cheese before freezing, or immediately before putting it in the oven when you go to reheat it?

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Mine: rolled over on an earwig in my bed. They bite.