April 24th, 2015

Birth order

Every man ive been involved with more than a year was a 3rd son. I doubt its significance but its all 4 of them. Im a first born for the record.
Ive heard birth order can increse the chance of homosexuality, im getting off my point.
Does birth order mean anything in your oppinion? And how unlikly is it statisically that i have managed this?


Migratory sleeping

When you wake up in the morning, are you pretty close to the place you were in bed when you went to sleep?

Lately I've been waking up on the other side or sometimes all scrunched up at the foot of the bed, no idea why.

Grumpy Angel

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Advice, if you have any, please!

I'm about to go on maternity leave, and I'll need to return my iPad to my workplace. It's what I currently use as an e-reader, with a personal Kobo account. I don't want to buy a full iPad (due to cost) for my maternity. Which of these two options would you pick, and what is your thought process?

1) Upgrade my personal phone to an iPhone (to keep my personal music, podcasts, and apps that I still have use for ) - $75; and buy a basic Kobo ereader - $100.

2) Purchase an iPad mini (most basic version) - $275

DK/DC - What single piece of technology do you get the most use out of?
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Remember the old YA book Scarlet Sails?

I do; it's apparently a classic of Russian literature (although I read it in English translation.) The story is about a girl growing up in a fishing village who believes steadfastly in a fortuneteller's prophecy that her prince will someday come upon a ship with scarlet sails; eventually, a romantic and whimsical merchant captain visits the village, falls in love with her, and sets about ostensing her happy ending.

The detail I found particularly moving--perhaps because I'm an industrial-strength color geek--is that the captain took exacting pains selecting material of precisely the right red:

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So: what was the red that Gray finally chose? Include a swatch, and bonus points for designer names and hex codes.

Don't know/don't care/colorblind: What are your own hyperfinicky tastes--in food, décor, clothing, music, or whatever?