April 22nd, 2015

  • cocori

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QUICK!! There is someone outside your door and trying to get in. What is the nearest object that you will use against him? (Anything within a 5-foot radius around you is fine)

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How often do you drink?

How often do you get drunk?

How often do you think is too often to drink/get drunk? When does it become an addiction?

I recently started drinking again after 5 years with nothing more than  a handful of Mikes Hard, I really really enjoy getting drunk and the awesome sex that comes with it (with my hubs, consensual)....but I am also the type of person who easily gets addicted to things and I am wondering if Im verging on that now.

  • merzb

Curious bobs

1. Do you love your current job?

2. Do you take a long time to write an email to someone hierarchically above you (advisor, boss, etc) to the point that you keep postponing it?

3. Long distance relationships. Experience and would you do it for a job? Or have you given up on a job for a LDR?


Facebook; Romance

What's the weirdest thing you've been tagged in on Facebook? Not counting: obvious spam or obvious name mistakes.

What's the greatest romance from books/movies/stage/screen/etc.? What makes it great?