April 19th, 2015

If you went to college:

What was your major?
Do you feel happy with the education you recieved? Was it worth the time and money?
What about the overall experience? Was it worth the time and money?
Any complaints or things you'd go back and do differently?
Any advice for current college students?
Did you ever experience college burnout? How did you deal with it?
Mr. Pants Says

Cat Issues

It seems I have "inherited" my Dad's long haired, double coated cat.

Neither of us is thrilled by this.

The Problem:

Mr. Cat (his name, actually) has acquired horrendous mats that he really doesn't want to be bothered with. He'll allow me to brush the parts of his coat that don't mat, but the tender bits, FORGET IT, SISTER.

Before I moved in, he would let me gently and carefully cut the knots off. He would even plop himself in front of me, show me his mats, and wait patiently while I gently, slowly, and carefully removed them.

Can a groomer see to his mats? Will they have to use sedation? (I would actually prefer they did, just to keep him from being any more upset than he would be already, what with his absolute hatred of car rides)

How much can I expect to have to pay for someone to shave this poor kitty, just to get him down to zero while we work on our grooming relationship?

Will he ever stop pining for my Dad, who is adamant that he won't be taking Mr. Cat to live with him in his apartment, due to not wanting to deal with a litter box in a tiny apartment?

DK/DC/cats are stoopit: Are you putting in a vegetable garden this year? I just broke ground on our garden (a couple of months late for this area) and I am super excited to get the garden growing.