April 16th, 2015

John Cena

Plan my Saturday

Hello TQC! What shall we do on Saturday?

I get married in 6 weeks exactly and due to the stag do, hen do and my fiance working night shifts including over the weekend, this Saturday night is our last weekend together before we are on our honeymoon. He's also just passed his driving test so the world is our oyster. We've already eaten out quite a bit this week so a meal out won't be special, plus I bought some nice steaks for us to enjoy this weekend. We both have Cineworld Unlimited cards, so we can go and enjoy a movie (or two) for free. Oh and we live in Cambridgeshire, England, meaning we are about 2 hours from the beach, an hour on the train from London.

He finishes work at 7am and would like a few hours of sleep before we do something. It doesn't necessarily have to be budget friendly but we would prefer to put money towards our honeymoon (Disney World of course) where we have really awesome things booked/planned.

Ps/question 2: If RSVPs were due on the 31st March, when guests had a save the date last April and their invitations in November (it is a weekday wedding in our half term so we wanted to give people lots of notice) and they still haven't replied after being chased up, can we tell them now that they can't come to the wedding?

Who are the people leaving comments on GoComics, and why do they do it?

Occasionally I read comics online because I no longer get a newspaper. Many are available at GoComics.

I am not the only one reading, because there are people discussing comics and somewhat related stuff, as though they all know each other or something. For example, look at Luann. People talk to each other in the comments--and they talk TO LUANN AND OTHER CHARACTERS AS WELL. And they talk to the artist. Like he's cruising around the comments on GoComics, waiting to see what Luann fans think about him.

I understand, though I do not appreciate, the news comment trolls. I understand forums; the local independent paper has a large, active forum and many regulars do know each other. But I am baffled by the commenters at GoComics. What about Luann inspires them?

Do you comment on comic websites?

ETA: I left out the totally unrelated DK/DC. What about making your own "instant" noodles to take for lunch at work. I'm thinking of doing it but I'll have to buy jars. Would you do this?

(no subject)

For those of you who use essential oils: which do you recommend? Which ones do you use/find helpful?

If you never had to work again what do you think you'd do? Would you still work without needing to be paid or would you take up a hobby? If so, which hobby/hobbies?