April 15th, 2015



Do you substitute single letters or numbers for words/syllables when you're texting?
Ex: R U gonna b l8? or ILU

What about when you're emailing?

Does it make a difference whom you're contacting and why, or how serious/important the message is?

Dreams and phobias

If you have a phobia, do you dream about it? How often? Does there have to be a trigger or is it random? Do you usually die or just get freaked the hell out? Do you feel it throughout your day or can you get over it quickly?

DK/DC: What was the last dream you had? I had a dream about being swallowed up by a tidal wave. Hyperventilating yay!

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what is your remedy of choice for losing weight?

change my diet
surgical fat removal
change my definition of overweight
hide my mirrors
first rule of weight loss is DONT TALK ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS
I'm perfect as I am. if you have a problem with my weight ...its YOUR problem
I am under tall not over weight

1 Week California Itinerary

My husband and I are in CA from Sept 5 - 13. I have a rough itinerary and I wanted some insight and suggestions on if this would work. (we will be renting a car)

We arrive to SFO on Sunday, Sept 5. We are heading to Sonoma where we have 2 nights reserved. We have a contact that is hooking us up with a few wine tours in Napa and Sonoma. (Restaurant suggestions, please!!)

On Tuesday morning, we are heading to San Francisco. We will be staying with family in Daly City. We will have Tuesday, Wed and Thurs in San Francisco. Is this enough time to see the sights? We want to see Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, the wharf, Chinatown, etc etc (typical touristy stuff)

My thought was that on Friday am, we take the Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey, with a stop at Henry Cowell State Park on the way. One night in Monterey (Hotel, B&B, AirBNB recommendations appreciated)

On Saturday, we are going to a college football game at Stanford. Depending on the time of the game, we'd head back to Daly City for the night before our flight on Sunday morning.

To Summarrize

2 days in Napa/Sonoma

3 days in San Francisco

1 Day and Night in Monterey

1 Day at Stanford (night in San Francisco)

What do you guys think? Is 3 days enough for San Francisco or do we need 4? Is there somewhere you'd suggest other than Monterey? We are open to suggestions, but we love food, wine, new things.
miss heather

I think I'm dying.

No not really. I just feel like being dramatic. I'm trying not to admit it, but I think I am coming down with whatever sickness is floating around my preschool I work at. I mean this morning when I woke up, there was so much pressure in my sinuses that I had a borderline migraine and I was super dizzy. My equlibruim felt off. I almost fell over in my bathroom getting ready. Not to mention I AM JUST PLAIN FREEZING. I live in southern California, I'm aware it doesn't freeze here. lol. (I think that may be the fever talking though)

Anyway, long story short.... what do you do to make yourself better when you aren't feeling well?