April 14th, 2015


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What do you smoke?

pipe (tobacco)
other non-tobacco substance (answer in comments)

If you answered "nothing," did you ever smoke?

yes, for years
yes, for a little while
yes, but sporadically/socially
no, never
other (answer in comments)

Smokers: would you live with/get hitched to someone who didn't smoke?

Sure, as long as they didn't preach

If you don't smoke, why not?

If you do smoke, why do you?

DK/DC: what is your favorite kind of smoked food?

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Imagine, if you will, you have a relative worth untold wealth. This relative says to you "I will buy you one toy or plaything of your choosing, money is no object. I won't pay off your debts, I won't buy you a home, I won't send you around the world. I will do exactly as I said and buy you an item. What shall it be?"

What would you ask for?

Me, I'd ask for a brand new Collapse )

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People who have visited the US: what is your experience with international phones/SIM cards? Owning, renting, whatever.

I'm an American citizen living abroad and I will be traveling back to the US in June. I no longer have a cell phone on an American plan, and I don't feel like eating up a billion charges for international bullshittery. I will be meeting up with lots of friends along the way and need to be able to call/text; my current plan has an international rate of $0.50 US per text and God knows what per voice minute. Theoretically I could throw caution to the wind, put the phone on airplane mode, and rely on neighborhood WiFi, but since I'm running on a tight schedule I don't want things to get fucked because of a weak signal or because there wasn't anything around.

In previous phone-less in another country situations I've rented a phone right at the airport and then returned it at the same airport, but this was in South Korea. This time I'm landing at LAX and flying out of SFO.

What is your experience with renting international phones/sim cards in the US? I'm looking at this company in particular. Does anyone have any experience with them? Do they have a service they'd recommend? Or am I better off just getting some typical burner prepaid thing?

DK/DC: When you eat jelly beans, do you eat one flavor at a time, or do you just eat them all together in one sugary mess?

Gift for a sushi chef?

My favorite sushi chef, and the founder of 4 sushi locations in an area not at all known for sushi, is retiring.  He's going back to Japan.  I would like to get him a gift, but I'm seriously lacking in ideas.  What would you get him?

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Have you ever had two jobs?  Was it two parttime jobs, or a fulltime and parttime, or two parttime jobs?  How did you do it?  How long did you do it?

I'm currently employed full time (averaging 32-35 hours a week, which is considered full time where I work) and am applying at a few different places for part time positions.