April 12th, 2015

Grumpy Angel

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Thanks for the advice regarding freezing the casserole. I'm including the recipe below the cut, for those of you who thought it sounded good. (It definitely is good - I made one to eat and one to freeze!!)

Now for a question:Are you an artist or craftsperson? What is your hobby? Will you show us a picture either of what you have most recently made, or what you are most proud of making? (Or both!)

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Do you have a dashcam?

Well, have you at least thought about it?

Do you even know how cheap they are these days?

Capture anything interesting or useful? Or was there this time when you really wished you'd been recording?

{tv | skam noora :|}

What's for dinner?

What did you have for dinner tonight? (Please feel free to be as descriptive as you want.) And did you enjoy it?

If not, what did you wish you had for dinner?

(It's lunch time where I am and I'm already thinking of what I'd like to eat for dinner.)