April 11th, 2015


body changes?

TQC,lately I've been getting spots on my chest and my usually wavy/frizzy dry hair has been really quite curly and much softer. I'm 23 so past teenage hormone crap. What could be happening? (Chance of pregnancy is particularly slim)

Dk/dc what changes have your bodies gone through past being a teenager?

Degree or experience?

Do you think most employers in skilled/technical jobs (ex: IT/CPA) today prefer someone with a degree and little experience (about 2 years) or someone with no degree but a lot of experience (about 10 years)? Lets say both people seem just as knoweledgeable, who do you think would get the job in most cases?

Have you ever been passed up for someone with a degree when you didn't have one or vise versa even though you were both just as qualified?

Law & Order question

This morning I was watching the Law & Order SVU ep "Granting Immunity" about a teen party becoming an orgy, photos going viral etc.
One SVU cop shows a batch of those explicit photos to the District Attorney while updating him on the details of the case. The DA takes a look and gives the tablet back with the words "You realize that showing me these could be considered a federal crime?"

That doesn't make sense to me - if law enforcement is working on a case like this how can it be against the law to share the evidence with the very people entrusted with solving it? (If explicit photos of minors had been shown to someone outside the investigation it would have been a different matter, but that wasn't the situation here.)

I'm obviously aware that the Law and Order shows aren't documentaries, but mere drama shows with no real educational value. However, it was such an odd scene that I thought maybe someone knows more about this particular rule. Or can venture a guess, at least.

Edit: I added the scene here: http://youtu.be/q5d_cldBKyA

DK/DC: What's the strangest law you've ever heard of, either in your own country or abroad?

Address question for divorce paperwork:

I use my mom's mailing address because I'm not on the lease for where I'm actually living.  The divorce paperwork wants to know where I'm living and if I've been living in the same County as my ex for the past 30 days.

Do I use the address I'm actually living at and say I haven't been in the County we're filing in or do I use my mom's address and say yes to the County question because my mailing address is still listed there?

ETA:  And if I do use the current living address, do I file in this County?  Or do I file in the previous County(where he still lives) because of the mailing address? 


Poll #2007538 how dry I am

Have you ever consumed so much liquid you subsequently wet your pants?

Yes, but only a tiny bit.
Yes, some.
Yes, and it was a ZOMG situation.
This only happens when I exercise or LOL or something similar.
I wet my pants regardless of how much liquid I've had
Who wants to know?

Which liquid is most likely to cause a pants accident, for you?

other alcohol
plain old water