April 9th, 2015



My uncle married a woman who had a daughter. On a family visit I had a brief fling with my cousin. We were both 16 years old.
I've been burdened all these years as to wether it was an incestuous relationship.

So TQC....was it the wrong thing to do???

Cartoons - Scooby Ghost

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I was interviewed yesterday for a job in a law library, by a total of 7 people: the person who would be my direct supervisor, the dean of the law school, the director of the library, and 4 library staff members. I was only in contact with the direct supervisor before. I want to send a follow up email reaffirming my interest and thanking them for meeting with me.

Should I send an email to all 7 people, or just the person who I was communicating with previously? Or send it to the head honchos who are likely the ones making the final decision (supervisor, Dean, and director)?

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What weird/interesting things are in your freezer?

Brought to you by getting ice and realizing there is venison, taro and jackfruit popsicles, pork longaniza, shrimp, edamame and apple crumble in mine.

Bonus points for pictures!

asymmetrical chic

Now that summer is threatening to get here (though we have a snow warning tonight) I can no longer hide my sort-of-healed broken leg under voluminous pants. I am working diligently but still my left calf is 1.5" smaller around than the right one, which is pretty muscular. I wear a bright neon pink compression sock on the bad leg most of the time. It's like a glowing pink skinny dowel next to my normal leg. I am still limping and using crutches.

I don't even know what to wear, except to the gym. What fantastic outfits can I put together that say IDGAF about my withered little leg?