April 2nd, 2015


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1. Is there anything in your home that is clearly marked as the property of someone else?

(I've got a milk crate which belongs to a dairy.)

2. What is the one and only true and correct way to cook a hotdog?

(Edited to add question #2)

Cartoons - Scooby Ghost

Face cleansers/moisturizers

I'm 25, and have never really taken care of my face. I don't wear make up or go in the sun a lot, so I have that going for me, but I also have never taken time to wash my face separate from when I shower. I've been noticing a lot of dry skin between my eyes and on my forehead, so I started washing my face and using moisturizer. I bought Clean and Clear brand cleanser and moisturizer, because it was cheap and it was a brand I recognized, but once I started using it I realized it's more for treating acne, so idk if it's really what I should be using?

I've used it three times now, and each time after I put the moisturizer on, my face tingles/burns for about 15 minutes afterwards. My face looks red during that time, but I wake up in the morning and it looks fine, and looks/feels much better.

So, my question: should I keep using it? Or should I find a different brand? Why would this be tingling/burning my face?

What moisturizer/face cleansers do you use, if any? What products would you recommend?

If it matters, I have pale skin that isn't prone to acne/blackheads (I have tiny pores) and light freckles.

I really don't know much about this stuff at all :/ HALP!

A Penny for Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on this article about the portrayal of obese people in literature (particularly YA novels)?

Have you read the novel discussed in the article? What did you think about it? Favorite quote?

What are your own thoughts on the portrayal of obese people in literature/other media?

Side note: I've never read this book. I don't mind spoilers, but I'm sure there are some people here who would flip out, so put a WARNING or something. Thanks!

D/C: What are you reading? Book suggestions?

Don't read?: I've got nothing for you. Sorry.