March 29th, 2015


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What piercings do you have? Did they hurt as much as you expected them to?

I got my nose pierced yesterday.
(I've googled) But nothing's giving me clear answers. The piercer said not to turn it but it feels like its pretty solidly crusted in place. Ive tried soaking it with saline as he said but it feels like it's not getting to the actual piercing. Any tips?

Down With the Sickness

How often do you get sick? Is there a time of year you usually or always get sick? Is there a sickness you're particularly prone to? (Stomach bugs, chest colds, ear infections, etc.)

When you get sick, what is your philosophy on sick days? When do you just suffer through? When do you stay home? Is there any particular ritual or activity you like to do, unrelated to treating the cold?

I don't get sick all that often. Up until high school it was usually either ear or sinus infections, but now it's just sinus infections and colds in general. I rarely get more than one cold every year, usually during the fall.

It doesn't take much to get me to stay home, partially because I'd rather be home than be at work or in class, but also because I don't think it's worth sharing my germs with other people just because I want to be some kind of tough guy who can power through. If possible I do like to take one day "extra" off, the first day I feel fine, because usually if I try to exert myself on the first day I feel "fine," I find out that I'm really not fully recovered.

I don't do anything in particular on sick days except sleep a lot and sit for a long time in the shower.

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I'm buying my boyfriend a wallet for his birthday. I know all of the stores he likes, but he's a vegetarian (and I'm not)(edit: and, yes, I do mean vegetarian) so I don't want to get him a leather wallet (edit: because he does not care for leather). Where can I find classic men's wallets (like this) that are vegetarian friendly?