March 27th, 2015


traffic, jam

Poll #2005598 highway behavior

Say you're driving on a good-sized highway: an interstate, a SoCal freeway, an M road, some giant crazy bahn, etc. Someone overtakes and passes you and other cars, weaving and taking wacky chances and generally behaving like an utter douchecanoe while endangering his or her fellow motorists. A few minutes later, you see that the highway cops have pulled this person over and they're busy writing up the incident. Do you

Smile and or laugh, because amazingly this person gets his/her comeuppance
Keep on going without really remarking it
Other (explain in comments)

Supposing instead of a traffic stop you witness the aftermath of an accident: Dangerous Driver has smashed up his/her vehicle. Do you

Stop to check if the driver/passengers are okay
Stop but just to call for help
Call for help without stopping

If you decided not to stop to help or to call, was it

I don't want to get injured myself
I cannot deal with blood/injuries
I don't want to get sued
This person is an asshole, let him/her deal with the aftermath
Not my job, not my problem
I just have no clue what to do in these situations

You never drive like that, of course. But if you've been involved in a car accident:

Someone stopped to help
No one stopped, but someone called for help
A regular patrol noticed my accident and they stopped
No one called, no one stopped, when I finally came to I had to call myself

DK/DC: Do you eat bagels? If so, what do you like to put on them?

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Are you following the NCAA tournament?

Did you fill out a bracket and if yes, who did you pick to win the tournament?

Yes, I'm following.

I filled out a bracket and entered it in one of the online contests. As a Kentuckian, I of course, picked Kentucky to win it all.

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Would you please tell me stories of rehoming pets that went well?

I need to rehome two goldfish and a betta (I'm moving to another country), and it's actually causing me more emotional upset than I would have expected. I've managed to keep the goldfish alive for three years, and the betta always seems to dance in its tank to greet me when I enter the room.

Don't know, don't care: will you post your user name in the comments so other people can make up endorsements for/reviews of you?

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I have a headache. Should I go to the gym? (Looking at it from different angles, I can see how it would be possible that exercise might help, or that it might make it worse.)

Dk:dc: YOU have a headache. Do YOU go to the gym?

bed bug scare??

i stayed at a friends last night and I am pretty sure i have bed bug bites. i left my suitcase open on the floor for the night / half the day. i am leaving now to go to a hotel, but what should i do about the clothing in my suitcase and my suitcase? Should I wash all of my clothing and get a new suitcase? I m slightly freaking so just trying to figure out what i should do to protect my stuff.


also- have you ever had bed bugs? please share your stories