March 26th, 2015


What, if anything, does a birth parent owe to a child that they gave up for adoption? I'm thinking in the case of an adult adoptee trying to reconnect.

Doest your answer change if the birth parents never knew the child existed? Obviously this would be in the case of a birth father (unless you want to go to weird soap opera lengths for a birth mother). Say a man is approached by an adult offspring he never knew existed. What, if anything, does he owe to that person, morally or otherwise?

Don't know/don't care: Have you ever wished that you might have been secretly adopted? Is your family awesome or horrendous?

moving/packing help!

im expecting to be moving in the nearish future. im trying to do some light preparations now. i've been sorting things and donating stuff to goodwill that aren't worth moving.

i have about a half dozen hand-made aprons, dish towels, and 1 lap blanket (maybe supposed to be a baby blanket?) that were made and given to me by my (now deceased) grandmother who sewed as a hobby. none of the items were made for me personally. when she was alive she was a...not great person. and we were not close.

ive moved them with me twice before, but i dont have a need for them and have never used them. but i am having second thoughts about getting rid of them....for reasons i cannot articulate or quite put my finger on.

1. on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being 'id light my own childhood blanket/stuffed animal on fire' and 10 being 'pack-rat/hoarding like tendencies' how sentimental are you about physical objects and keeping them?

2. please extend that to my scenario - is your answer directly proportional to the amount of resources/energy required to move the objects in question?

3. what would you do with them if you were me?

dk/dc: what is best prank to pull in an office setting for April Fools? or what is the best prank you've seen pulled for the holiday?

Make a Wish

What methods have you used to make a wish?

Blown out all your birthday candles in one go
Wished on a star
Wished on a falling star
Tossed a coin in a fountain
Tossed a coin in a well
Folded a large number of origami cranes
Rubbed a promising looking old lamp
Clicked the magical, wish granting, ticky box™
Other, that I will share in comments
I've never done any of these things