March 25th, 2015

isn't that the key?

Let's discuss face shapes and hair and makeup and earrings, etc.!

So, I've been trying to et more into fashion and just looking the best I can and I've had one q:
Can you guys help me figure out my face shape?
I've always coined it as 'round', while my sister thinks it's 'square-ish' and my friends have decided it's 'oblong.'
Opinions?Collapse )

Questions less about me and more about you:

1. What face shape do you have? What kind of hair do you have? Do you think it suits you? Is there something CRAZY or w/e, you wanna do with your hair?

2. How much does it hurt to get your ears repierced? Mine closed about 2 years ago and I've been dreading etting them done again.

3. What do you think of contouring? I don't mean the regular 'a lil blush right  here' I mean, the one you're probably thinking about - the ~KIM K~. I'm interested in it but I think it's slightly ambitious since I don't know how to do much at all. Do you do it often, if you do it at all? For some reason, people tend to have super strong opinions about it.

4. What are your favorite beauty youtubers? Or blogs in general?