March 24th, 2015


bad news

My friend has been traveling out of state and is on her way back, but is too far away to come home in one day's drive. Her husband called her at 2 o'clock this morning to tell her their dog had an accident and died (something about an encounter with a plastic bag, I'm kind of fuzzy on the details but the dog was not old and they didn't expect it to die). I feel bad for them.

If something terrible happened to your pet when you were far from home, would you want to be called immediately?
Yozuru Kagenui

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I have an indoor kitty who is leash/harnessed trained. She goes out on little excursions from time to time to fulfill the inner kitty god that demands plant murder (particularly grass murder). Give me some smart-ass remarks to say if someone approaches me and my kitty expressing a stupid question (Is that a cat? Is that your cat? the most common.

What did you do with food when you are moving? Did you toss, donate, give away, throw a party?

Would you do this?
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My birthday is coming up and I've decided that I want to learn how to do my makeup all fancy like. Are there any places other than Sephora that you'd recommend? Will you link to Pinterest boards with makeup looks that you love?