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March 21st, 2015

Reading Slump [Mar. 21st, 2015|08:57 am]
The Question Club


So, tqc, I'm in something of a reading slump and I just finished a book I "had" to read.

What should I read next?

Fluffy nonfiction book
Romance I'm in the middle of, but I'm not really getting into
Next book in the same series of the previous option
Book I picked up knowing nothing about, based on a funny post the author made (Paranormal noir based on the jacket blurb)
One of a small herd of sale books, bought in a fit of nostalgia
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For the Dogs [Mar. 21st, 2015|12:00 pm]
The Question Club


What is the deal with people who tie up their dogs outside of stores or restaurants with the dog(s) barking, whining, clearly miserable the whole time and disturbing everyone within hearing range?

Why is this done? Is it something amateur pet owners, or thoughtless people do, or what? Doesn't it bother them as well? It also seems unkind to the animal wether it's fretting from being lonely, badly trained, or simply wondering why the heck you dragged them along to sit outside...

I see it so often and can't make sense of it.

What is the best thing to do?

*And for those of you with well-behaved dogs, who maybe bring a blanket for them to sit on, and DID NOT stop for a three course breakfast when poochie thought they were getting walkies...a sincere thank you on behalf of 2-4 legged beings everywhere.
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(no subject) [Mar. 21st, 2015|08:37 pm]
The Question Club



What do you NEED? now?

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tell me all your good things [Mar. 21st, 2015|09:02 pm]
The Question Club


TQC, my life is one massive cock-up no matter how hard I try. I've decided to live vicariously through your successes. What are some great things in your life that are working out really well for you? Feel free to list them all and crow about them.
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Dining in Vegas. [Mar. 21st, 2015|09:26 pm]
The Question Club


So Im going to vegas in May and im looking for a good place to eat on the strip. Im going with my best friend so nothing super romantic something kind of fun and under $35 average for a plate not including drinks. Were going to rose rabbit live saturday night but i have to find a place the friday. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've googled it but nothing that really stuck out has come from my search.
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(no subject) [Mar. 21st, 2015|11:44 pm]
The Question Club


[music |Jake Shimabukuro - More Ukulele]

burning question: when you listen to music, do you prefer to listen to music that reflects your current emotional state?
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