March 17th, 2015


so it looks like its going to be a nice weekend...

what should I do this weekend?

drive 3 hours to the beach
drive 2 hours to the mountains
drive to the comic con in town
drive 12 hours to see my bae
stay home and repent from emitting carbon monoxide all week long
pick up an extra shift at work
buy organic vegetables and free range meats and cook them in a solar oven
participate in a monster truck rally
troll TQC with polls

Oh....i forgot to mention "learning to parachute"

NCAA Men's Basketball brackets anyone?

If you want to play, go to to get to the ESPN Bracket Challenge.

Sign in, or register if necessary, and create your bracket. (It will help if you use a name that's something close to your LJ username. Either that, or reply here with the name of your bracket.) Then join your bracket to the group "TQC NCAA."

Get your picks in by Wednesday evening.

Winner gets bragging rights.


Aw, c'mon folks. There has to be more than three of us.
Peapod Pup

Career in Medical Coding?

I've been thinking about signing up for an online Medical Coding training program at a local community college (Everett Community College). The program does not guarantee job placement and you still have to pass the CPC exam to become certified. I've heard that getting a medical coding job is somewhat difficult if you don't have any experience. I think I remember a few folks in this community saying that they work in the medical coding/transcribing field. Would you recommend signing up for a medical coding program through a communtiy college or just pay for the exam courses that are offered by AAPC? Can you give me some insight on finding a job after becomming certified? Did you have to work your way up in a hospital or did you do an internship to gain experience? I've also heard some horror stories about many insurance companies/hospitals outsourcing medical coding jobs, resulting in a lot of lay offs. What is your take on this?

Don't Know/Care: Are you currently in school? What are you studying? What type of job are you hoping to get after graduating?

Wet Dream Heroine

My husband and I were sitting on our porch yesterday watching our neighbor and her 16 year old daughter clean out their car. After watching a few minutes, he turned to me and said, "I bet half the boys in her class have wet dreams about her." It struck me as funny when he said it.

I wondered if I was ever the star of anyone's wet dream? Would it bother you to know you were in someone's wet dream?

I don't think it would bother me but I also don't think very many, if any, boys felt that way about me.