March 16th, 2015



1) If you were going to make this recipe, what type of apple would you use?

1a) Do you think it will taste anything like Sangria?

2) I'm planning to cook corned beef tomorrow and the cooking instructions list this helpful option: "If desired, make a glaze of pineapple juice, brown sugar, and ginger ale." Since the only other direction is "mix together" do you think they mean equal amounts of these ingredients? If not, what ratio would you recommend? Or should I skip it entirely? (I happen to have all of them, sort of.)

2a) How much glaze would a 2.32lb piece of meat need? (Its supposed to be poured over and cooked for an additional 15 minutes, uncovered.)

3) What's your favorite type of bread?

3a) Is it the type of bread you buy most often? If not, why not?
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How much is too much?

And how little is too little?

Okay - seriously now.

On a first date, what would you consider 'too much' for the other man to pay? I never really thought of this and honestly, I don't have a limit? I'm not the one paying so... But, my friends seem to worry that a man will expect more if they pay $500+, which, is an understandable worry but, still. Then, some people just aren't comfortable with others spending that much on them - so tell me, what is wrong 'limit' on how much can be spent on you just for the first date? What would make you uncomfortable?

And what is too little? What would you have the urge to simply walk out on? I couldn't think of much, really... I feel like someone would generally preface it if they could only spend so much so I would adjust my expectations accordingly. But, then again, if he took me to Bruger King, I'd just suggest we go for a walk somewhere and talk. And get the food to-go? I do like their fries.
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Android poker app recommendation?

Hi peeps, all I want to do is play poker on my smartphone with my brother. Can anyone recommend an app for Android that just lets you do this without seeming like a scam, asking for credit card info or pay to play? I know there is Zynga Poker, but the reviews don't seem too good and there is a chip buying component to it. Any help would be appreciated :-)

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I love wearing hoodies, but I recently moved to a warmer climate.  I want a hoodie with soft, light fabric.  Andy ideas?  I'd prefer it to be neutral and under $30 dollars.  I'm looking at this one, but I would also like opinions.