March 13th, 2015


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I'm going to be teaching an introduction to computers class at the library aimed at people who don't know how to use computers. For the internet section I want to have some questions they can use the search engine to find answers to. The students will mainly be elderly, what are some good questions I can have them try and find answers to?
General Chang

Strangely enough I studied computing.

But since I mostly work with Databases I still know a lot about this stuff.

My laptop is over four years old now. Best as recall i got it autumn 2010/ how time is flown. And it's starting to chug along abit and generally slowing down with age.

1) Will restoring it to factory settings help with the speed issue? Or will i end up putting the programs back on that are using up all the processor power/RAM/whatever else slows it down?

2) What can else can I do to speed it up? I'd google but even second malware clickbait is probably on the subject.

3)Just giving up and replacing it is an option. Anyone got an recommendations for what to get/where to go in the UK?

And a question where you can talk about yourself a bit more...

4) Do you save your documents when you change computers? Or do you let a lot of them go down with the ship? What do you make sure to keep and why?