March 11th, 2015

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moving out/deposit question

Hi TQC. My roommate and I moved from temporary housing to a more permanent location on the first of the month. The place we moved out of was a large house-- 5 bedrooms, 3 baths-- and while we were the only tenants there, we were renting individual rooms as opposed to the entire place. We just got a letter from the landlady telling us our $1000 deposit was insufficient to cover cleaning costs/final utility bills, and gave a breakdown which shows a $600 bill for carpet cleaning. Does this sound right for 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room? Am I within my rights to ask to see a copy of the bill/receipt to make sure she's not charging us for having the other rooms cleaned (the rooms we did not rent or use)? Also, I think there's a very good chance she did not actually have the carpets cleaned, but instead just got a quote from the priciest cleaning service she can find. If she can't produce a receipt, do I need to pay?

She's been a nightmare to deal with the entire time I was there and I'm afraid my fury is clouding my judgment here but I am just SO ANGRY. The cleaning charges are so ridiculous-- they include a charge for lint being left in the lint trap of the dryer, and for the dishwasher being left full of clean dishes. (Fun fact: we did not use the dishwasher ONCE while we were there. The dishes are hers, and were left there by her, as she lived in the house before we moved in.) We left the house in FAR better condition than it was when we moved in. My roommate wants to just pay the extra $100 she claims we owe without questioning it, but he already talked me out of calling her out on various shit she pulled while we lived there-- stuff like entering the house with no warning, going through the contents of our mailbox, and harassing our houseguests-- and I'll be damned before I roll over again to this lady. >:(

TL;DR: What's your favorite dance move?

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Have you ever been a school bus driver/are you currently a school bus driver?  What was it like for you personally?  How did you handle altercations between kids?  What kinds of rule did you have on your bus and how did you enforce them?

The county board of educationis looking for substitute bus drivers and I'm thinking about getting my licesnse and doing it.  I have a full time job currently (well 36 hours a week which is what they consider full time), so would not be able to drive every time they needed me but I would really like the extra money, a friend let me test out her bus on a backroad to see how it was (I feel like with more practice I can be comfortable driving one) and I think I want to do it.  The main parts that worry me though is having to deal with rowdy kids, and the possibility of getting lost in the boonies (most people at our public schools live out in the country).  


what are your opinion about having a relationship with someone who is married.
I mean, aside of the fact that's morally rephehensible, if youhad the chance to be with someone you love and loves you back, is it that bad?
is there a case when this could be not conisdered bad?