March 10th, 2015


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My father is enthralled with Netflix, and is wanting some shows to watch. Some of his favorites are: Mad Men, The League, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Dexter, and Scandal. Got any recommendations for him?

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Is it normal for a company to charge you twice each time you pay them?  They always later reverse one of the charges.  I made a payment on a hospital bill a few weeks ago and they charged me twice then later reversed one of the charges.  I figured the woman who took my payment over the phone did it wrong, so I paid online this time and I see I've been charged twice.  Next time I guess I'm going to have to take cash up there and pay.  

shoe help!

I have weird feet.  My left heel is smaller than my right so I have some trouble finding shoes that don't fall off my foot.  (Flats without straps are a no no.)

I bought boots a few months ago that fit, but they had a small heel, and after some walking, they hurt my foot.  It's been weeks and it still hurts.  I'm seeing a doctor Monday.

So, I stopped wearing the boots and wore some old sneakers I had.  The problem is that they don't match with hardly anything I own.  And I really love boots.  I went to Payless today and found some decent boots on sale.  They fit my left foot relatively well, but they were a bit tight in my right heel.  After too long of a debate, I decided to buy them and try to stretch the back heel of the right shoe.

I've looked online and it shows how to stretch leather and some explain how to stretch fabric, but I have no idea what type of material the heel of these boots are.  The inside says "Fabric upper, Balance Man Made Material."  Is the balance the sole?  The heel feels a lot harder and tougher than the upper part where the flowery fabric is (photo to come).  Is it just a harder fabric?  How would I stretch/widen this?


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